Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Sims 2 Seasons! / A "Fruitacy" Coming Soon?

As some of you may know, Saturday was my birthday! I've been putting off the photoshoot with my new sims because...I got Sims 2 Seasons for my birthday!

I started playing when I was about 4 years old. Whenever my family drove to my cousins' house, I'd play Sims 2 with them and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. I didn't actually start buying anything until Sims 3, but about 2 years I decided to start going back and buying the Sims 2 series. Now Seasons has been added to my collection! :D

I was super excited when I opened the present, because I'd been wanting Seasons for years but I couldn't find it in any of the stores. Riverblossom Hills is pretty cute but I find it really tiny - but nevertheless, I'm playing there to experience the new town. The plantsims aren't nearly as freakish as I originally thought, and I'm kinda tempted to turn one of my sims into one. :P I made a new family last night after going on a CC spree and built them a (very suckish and incomplete) house. I'm against using cheats, even for Sims 2 where it's impossible to keep their motives high, so they've just got a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed so far. Oh yeah, and I gave them a little pond to fish and a garden.

This was the only image I captured that was actually saved. It beats me how you can get this game to save your screenshots, because I took like 20 and only this one stayed. Anyways, here is Elizabeth Fuchs (a townie) making an extremely attractive derp face.

Once I figure out how to save those screenshots, I'll get some more up of me thoroughly enjoying this game. ^_^ Best birthday present ever? I think so.

The other thing I wanted to talk to you guys about today is a new challenge idea that I came up with. The idea came to me while playing Fruit Ninja: a Fruitacy. It's somewhat like a Rainbowcy, except it goes beyond just colors - the sims represent different fruits, and their personalities will be in relation to people's opinions on the fruits. For example, one person might see apples as bitter, and another might see apples as fresh and fun. These two opinions could make for totally different personalities for, say, a pair of twins. The basic rules of a Legacy Challenge will apply, but with some slight alterations and a different scoring system.

I'll have a complete list of rules up sometime next week (or this week, if I finish early), and hopefully a "Fruitacy" coming soon to this blog!

I'm having a vote on a title over at this thread. Right now I'm between Fruit Parfait and Fruit Salad - I think Fruit Parfait sounds cooler (Fruit Salad makes me think of lettuce, even though fruit salad isn't actual salad), but Mikezumi's comment about how her heritage makes her a "fruit salad" got me thinking about some interesting ways to incorporate that title into the story. I also like Fruit Cake, which seems to be a big favorite. If you want to cast your vote, then click the link above!

It's kind of strange that I like this idea so strongly - I don't think I've ever had a vampire for longer than a week, and the idea of a Rainbowcy has just never seemed interesting to me. Somehow, in some way, I'm taking a particular interest in this whole Fruitacy thing. (After all, I wouldn't be telling you guys about it if I wasn't really excited about it!) Hopefully this story will work out better than the legacy that never happened. I've already got a better plot than I had for Sunny and Drew, plus the fact that this is my own idea is pretty awesome. :)

Last but not least, a Sims meme!

(Source: F*** Yeah Sims Meme.) I find this one funny because it's so true. XD

Anyways, I've got a big checklist of stuff (Sims-related and not) to start on, so I'll see you back here in a few days! Check back and if you're a regular reader, follow my blog!



  1. I love seasons! Its so fun!!! I love Sims 2 too!

  2. Agreed, I'm having a blast with Seasons! Best EP ever! :D

    1. Yeah and Pets! I cant LIVE without those ones!!

    2. Indeed. They made TS2 sooooo much better! Although it was pretty awesome to begin with. ;)


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