Thursday, May 10, 2012

Insane Rain / Work in Progress Photos of Sunny's House!

I just came back from an orchestra concert, and all I can say is wow. It was raining so hard that my mom, brother, and I had to wait inside while we sent my dad to go get our car and drive it up to the curb. It was hailing, with thunder and lightning every few seconds and flash flooding in the streets! It was insane! When my dad pulled up, my mom and brother took the umbrella and ran, so of course I got to run through an ankle-high river of rainwater in my nice dress and shoes, carrying a several hundred dollar viola. Thankfully my viola wasn't damaged since it was in its case, and the dress will recover from the heavy soaking. But wow, talk about a thunderstorm! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. This was awesome. I love the rain! Besides, Texas was in need of a good storm. Anyways, I'm warming myself up in my bedroom with a cup of hot chocolate and I'm watching Modern Family on Hulu. I think this is the best part about getting caught in heavy rain - you get to pretend you're freezing and then eat yummy food and sit around under a blanket.

Yesterday I started building Sunny's house, which I will be using as the main setting of the story, although there will be some scenes around town.

I'm using Union Cove by Carl's Sims 3 Forum, by the way. It's a gorgeous, really well-made world that can be found here.

I've barely finished anything so far, therefore what you're about to see will seem quite disappointing for the time being. (The den is the only thing that I have completely finished so far. I know, I build at a snail's pace.) However, once I furnish it more and work on the landscaping, it will look much better. I'm not a master builder or anything, but I'm trying my best! :P

Thanks for reading! Things are almost ready for me to start writing the story! God, I'm so excited! By the way, the house will be up for download on the release day of the prologue. I intend to keep it CC-free so everyone (with the required EPs and SPs) will feel comfortable downloading it. So... Keep checking back for when I set an official release date!


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