Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RIP Charlie / Meet Sunny Caillat, Founder of My Legacy!

Hey everyone! I meant to get this update up yesterday, but... I'm sorry to say that one of the kittens my family has been fostering passed away. :( We picked up five abandoned kittens from the shelter a couple weeks ago and have been bottle feeding them and taking care of them at our house. There's Cleopatra (the only black one), Jack (orange), Cora (renamed Corey, also orange), Minnie (renamed Mickey, also orange), and little Charlie (the runt, orange). Charlie was never really doing so well, and he just didn't make it through Saturday night. I was pretty crushed, since Charlie was always my favorite. It's understandable that I didn't want to post on my blog while I was going through that; I kinda just wanted to listen to sad music and cry on the phone with my best friend, Brian. RIP, Charlie, the little kitten with a big heart. <3

After a full day of moping, I'm feeling better and ready to do some simming! I just finished creating Sunny Caillat, the founder of my upcoming story! And yes, I totally stole her last name from Colby Caillat. I thought it sounded pretty, so... Sunny Caillat, everyone!

She's currently not available for download, but will be at the end of Generation 1.

Since she will be the star of my story, you'll need to know a bit about her! Here's a short bio that will fill you in on what you need to know:

Sunny sees, but is not seen. All her life she has captured the beauty of the world on her camera, wordless records of the past that convey meanings to her that no one else understands. Sunny's parents never understood why Sunny never spoke, and they never knew she was processing messages from the universe greater than they could ever imagine. Sunny has grown up and moved away into a little house alone, where she sits on the porch every day and waits for someone to see her for who she truly is. Many take notice of her beauty and sweet smile, but none can give Sunny what she truly desires... None can see beauty in silence.

And, just because I want to feed you some eye candy... Drew Adams! I'm not giving you any information on this guy, just a very attractive photo of him and the promise of a great story!

My story will be an Emotionacy/Musicacy, with the emotion for the first generation being shyness. I haven't decided on a song for this generation yet, but I'm leaning very strongly towards one in particular. Keep in mind that while I will be following most of the challenge rules, I will not be following all of them, and I will not always be using the same emotions as listed in the Emotionacy rules. I will be keeping track of points and such, so I'll have a little update on the score at the end of each chapter. I'm not making any promises about how soon the prologue will be out or how far apart new chapters will be, since I rarely stick to the schedules I make for myself, so I'll just say that the updates will come out at reasonable intervals.

For those of you reading my blog, keep checking back! I'll be updating every few days! Bye for now...


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