Monday, April 30, 2012

Kickin' It Off!

I have been told that I need to find a place to rant about all things sims instead of sending my friends 10-page emails about the death of Rosco the Sim (with 50+ photos attached, of course), and so I have come up with an ingenious solution: my own little sims blog! I know, brilliant, right?

So... How's it going? I'm Siminoid. ^_^

Basically what I'm going to be doing here is posting this and that about sims - The Sims 3 in particular, although I may occasionally put a little something in about The Sims 2 since I'm still quite emotionally attached to that game.

On this blog, you're going to see everything from random picture spam of my sims, to my newest creations, to reviews of new expansions and stuff packs. I might even start up a story in the near future. (Okay, the chances of a story from me are pretty much inevitable, since I'm a hardcore writer.)

And now... A SIMS MEME FOR YOU! (Made by me, might I add.)

Well, that's it for now! Check back again soon for some pic spam!