Fruitacy Challenge Rules

Hey everyone! For those of you interested in my Fruitacy Challenge, I've created a list of rules for you to refer to, as well as a list of fruits to spark some ideas. If you start your own Fruitacy, then feel free to leave a comment below with a link - I'd love to read it! Please give credit to me for the rules and creation of the challenge, though. Have fun! :)


This challenge is similar to both a Legacy (credit to Pinstar1161) and a Rainbowcy (credit to WhenOxenFly), but with a fruity twist! Follow your sims through generations and generations of sweet and sour moments as you build a family tree of all kinds of fruits!

1. Begin your Fruitacy in a new game. You can create a founder of either gender, and choose a favorite fruit to represent them. Color their hair, eyes, and clothes to match their fruit; if you want, you can use Fawkes' colorful skins to make your sims even more fruity. Their traits are up to you, although if your sim is particularly sweet or sour then you may want to give them a trait that fits in with one of those. You may only create one sim to start in your household.
2. Move your sim onto the largest empty lot in your town. It doesn't matter if the largest lot isn't 64x64 as long as you start on that lot.
3. Your sim can have any kind of job and skills that you wish - it doesn't matter for this challenge.
4. Your sim can marry any sim you wish, be it a townie or a sim you made yourself.
5. For each new generation, change the color of their hair, eyes, and clothes (and skin, if you wish) to match a new fruit. You're not allowed to change facial or body genetics, but the hair and eyes will always be altered.
6. How your sims act should relate to what someone might think of the fruit. There are tons of different options for personalities with each fruit - for example, if you have two lemon twins, one could be snappy and mean while the other could be fun and free-spirited.
7. You can choose any heir you wish and can choose their traits if you are given the option.
8. Lifespan can be set to any level. However, aging and story progression must be on (you are allowed to use Twallan's Story Progression if you wish) and you may not use anything such as death flowers, life fruit, etc that might lengthen your lifespan.
9. No cheats! This excludes resetsim and building cheats, obviously, as well as camera and video cheats. But no cheating to get more money or bump your sims' needs!
10. Your Fruitacy can be as long or as short as you wish! Have fun with this challenge! :)

1 point per generation (no max)
1 point per Lifetime Wish fulfilled (32 points max, LTW's can be repeated but will only count for a point once)
1 point per portrait (1 point max per sim, multiple portaits of the same sim do not count for more points, skill level of painter does not matter, sim in portrait must be a young adult at time of painting)
1 point per $100,000 in net worth (20 points max for $2,000,000 net worth, combine household funds and furnished value of house to get net worth, total up net worth points at very end of Fruitacy)
1 point per 100,000 points worth of Lifetime Happiness Points (2 points max per sim for 200,000 points, this includes points spent on Lifetime Rewards and the current total at the end of a sim's life)
1 point for recoloring the house to fit each new generation's fruit (no max, recoloring should occur when the house is passed on to the next heir)
1 point for each unique fruit (no max, fruits can be repeated but will only count for a point once, be lenient to some extent - tangerines and oranges are separate fruits, however green apples and red apples are not)

Last but not least, here's a list of some fruits to get you started! If you have any questions about the rules, leave comment below and I'll get back to you. I hope you'll enjoy this challenge!



  1. Wow! I might (probably will) try this challenge! :) I cant WAIT to try this! To choose my starting fruit im gonna use and number them :) AND I got STRAWBERRIES! :D :D
    Pink sim with green on top here I come!! She can have pink hair with green root colour :) Creative right!? Also you may wanna check out my blog if ya want that is...

  2. Hahaha I'm glad you've taken an interest! I checked out your blog and I'll be sure to read your Fruitacy! :)

    1. Thats cool :) Im going to start it like today :)

    2. Oh no, you'll beat me to it! XD lol just kidding, go right ahead!

    3. Lolz! Almost finished the picturess!

  3. Replies
    1. I read it :) Left a comment over at your blog with my feedback

  4. Love the idea. I chose strawberry, and I like the more natural approach, I set her favourite colour to red and gave her strawberry blonde hair. I'm gonna do lemons next.

  5. Hi--

    I'm definitely going to try this the next time I try a challenge! Currently, I'm doing a ten-generation legacy, so that might be a while, but I definitely want to try the Fruitacy. It looks like so much fun! :) Thanks for setting up an official rules page. I appreciate your putting forth this challenge.

    -Lucy Arden
    The Greene Family Legacy: a Sims 3 legacy blog

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  7. I am going to start this today! It sounds so fun hehe I am gonig to start with banana! :)

  8. Wow! This sounds great! I'm saving up lots of legacies, for tons of fun! I'm thinking of starting with banana, lemon, or strawberry. :) Thanks for this legacy!

  9. Ive been doing this a little while. when i had twins, i used grapes, then apples. (different colors) This is really fun! :)

  10. I also had the child's names like their fruit! Like Rasi for rasberry, Na-na for banana, Neap for pineapple, Rediap for red apple along with the twin Grya for green apple. It "mixes" it up a little... Fruit Salad! :)

  11. gonna start now... randomized up... oh... passionfruit. cool. all outfits must be tropical, and sweet! YAY

    1. however, becuase from nuzlocke experience, i need to dial it down. i will not do the buy a lot with no home thingy.

  12. Well Done! I have started the challenge and the founder was Berry Pip (nee Seed) and she was a strawberry :). I didn't have to use mods for the skins, there was a colourful tone there already :). The spouse was Sunny Pip a lemon and their kids are Danny (an range) who is the oldest, and Bob and Grapey (Bob is apple and Grapey is Grape) the twins. They are all children and Berry is preggers (hopefully with a girl to be the heir).

    I have been jabbering on and i need to stop now XD.

    1. opps i meant orange not range XD

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