Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arynn Dawson - Photoshoot & Download

Hey everyone! I'm back for my second update with pics from a photoshoot I did with my newest sim, Arynn Dawson. I have to say, I'm really pleased with how she turned out - I was going for a sweet, semi-gothic look with her. I gave her girly outfits in mostly darker colors, and I feel I achieved the effect I was aiming at. Here she is, the beautiful Arynn Dawson!

You can download Arynn from the Exchange here.

Name: Arynn Dawson
Gender: Female
Age: YA
Fitness: Trim
Weight: Normal
Sub Type: Human
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Artistic, Charismatic, Perfectionist, Savvy Sculptor

And yes, Arynn's last name was inspired by Jack Dawson from Titanic. <3

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked her! ^_^


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