Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sims 3 Supernatural!!!

I know, I'm late writing this, but I've been on the forums all the time talking about how excited I am for Supernatural. :P As I mentioned in a past post back before the expansion was confirmed, I wasn't actually that excited at first. I was actually pretty disappointed, but then I had a huge change of heart and now I've jumped on the bandwagon with the Supernatural fanatics. :D Come on guys, werewolves!!!!! Heheh I was missing those furry little creatures from Sims 2. So here was my reaction when I saw each of these pictures...

(By the way, I tried to enlarge the last 3 since they were teeny, but it made them all blurry. >.< )

OMGOMGOMG WEREWOLVES!!!!!! ...What's wrong with his jawline? xD But OMGOMGOMG WEREWOLVES!!!!!!

Fairies? Okay, I can roll with this... (Heheh, imma breed them with the werewolves and make some hairy fairies. :P )

Ooooh, witches! Yay! I never got Apartment Life for TS2 (but I will eventually) or the witchy stuff from the store, so YAY WITCHES!!

More vampires? But... But... We already got them with Late Night. :/ (But deez ones look so much scarier! Look at doz eyebrows! :D )

AND genies! Heheh I wonder if we can mess around with other sims and give them bad fortunes on purpose... >:D

So yeah. Of course, I already knew about all the new creatures and stuff beforehand, I'm just writing this so my initial reaction to the info on the expansion goes along with the pictures. :P I'm really excited!!

And then I realized a problem with my whole Creature Cage / House of Monsters idea: if I have eight sims in a household, then they can't have babies, and then I can't create hybrids (no hairy fairies). I'm kind of hesitant to use MC to bump up the sim limit, so I think I'm going to split up my House of Monsters into two different ones so that I can start creating hybrids. Then I'll join them together when I run out of unrelated heirs, and then I'll end up with the ultimate hybrid! ...Assuming I get that far, that is...

Ahh, this got long. I'm just gonna sign off now... lol

Edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention the zombies because there wasn't a picture of them up on the EA page for Supernatural. YIPPEE, ZOMBIE! (I rhymed. :P ) Heheh, zombie apocalypse here I come...

I have changed so much over the past week.



  1. Lolz! Interesting ideas! My thoughts on them when I first saw were:
    Werewolfs. OMG hehe TWILIGHT FTW!!! IMMA TOTALLY MAKE JACOB AND STUFFz! Will theybe like Sims 2?
    Vampires. Dont we already have those? Whats the point of making them again?
    Fairies. Hehe my fairie folk store set will come in handy. I wonder hoe teeeny they get?
    Witches. Hehe will they get fellow cats like in Sims 2? WOW they look totlly awesome!
    Zombies. O.M.G. I CAN MAKE AN AWESOME STORY! But but my poor sims. Hehe first im gonna play a zombie. They sound interesting.

    Overall. WOW Im totally getting this ep! I think EA is aiming for Non-realistic.....hehe.

    1. Heheheh, I'm so excited... Werewolves will be first for me, though. :P Maybe Zane will marry a hairy woman... lol the female body hair kinda scares me xD

  2. lolz...disturbing mental image....


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