Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fabio Cocoapuff, Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire

Fabio Cocoapuff rolled a wish to become a ghost hunter.

You're doing it wrong... A little bit to the right, Puff.

He managed to capture 8 ghosts on that first night. *applause*

He had this look on his face the whole time, though. I wasn't sure why until I realized one of his traits is Coward...

I'm a cruel person. >:) What's the matter, Puff, scared of the dark? Teehee...

Let's back it up a little to earlier in the day.

Fabio started off the day with a bowl of cereal.



The mail lady saw him in the shower. I can just imagine what she's thinking.

I wasn't even sure it was possible for hair to be in those places...

Just walk away, woman. Just walk away...

Then he headed over to the library.

I haza master plan. I will soil ze computers!

Some guy saw him banging the thing with a screwdriver.

*creeper face*

He headed over to the gym to get in shape for the ladies that were sure to start lining up at his house any day now.

I'm cool like Michael Jackson!

No, you're not, Puff.

He was in the middle of a diva fit over his sweatiness when he got called to bust some ghosts.

And finally, after busting ghosts in the uber-frightening dark, Fabio settled down to sleep.

Heheh, I haz kitteh slippers.

Did I mention I'm cruel to my sims? ;)

I sold all of his spirits except for these three because I feel an emotional attachment to them.

So I thought, hmmm, what else am I emotionally attached to?

Harry Potter characters.

So I named the spirits after dead characters from Harry Potter. From top to bottom they are Severus, Hedwig, and Dumbledore.


Wow, I just realized I've been doing a post a day. o_o That's probably due to the fact that I've been home alone all week, since my mom and brother are at a scouting camp and my dad's working. lol this one-a-day thing probably won't last for long, just a heads up.

So, what have I been doing home alone for eight hours a day? Sleeping, epic Lost marathons, simming, more Lost marathons, and random outbreaks of posting on the forums. My trampoline and sports equipment are all in boxes since we're moving on Friday, so there's nothing to do outside, and most of my friends are on vacation. *sigh*

Well, I'll be lying on the sandy beaches of California soon enough! I'm not exactly sure when, but I know we're going on vacation there to visit some old friends sometime this summer. Maybe my parents will let me rent a surfboard... I miss the water. :,)

I really should get some sleep... I've been sleeping until 11 every morning! Good night world, and happy summer. :)


  1. Hehe! Cruel to My smexy guy eh? Lol just kidding! Zane is my DAYUM guy!


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