Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fruit Parfait: Meet the Founder!

Hey everyone! I'd like you to meet the founder of my Fruitacy, Zane Parfait!

Name: Zane Parfait
Age: YA
Gender: Male
Generation: 1
Fruit: Lime
Traits: Perfectionist, Snob, Virtuoso, Charismatic, Schmoozer
Favorites: Lime, Hot Dogs, Hip-Hop
Sign: Leo
Bio: In high school, Zane was the cool guy surrounded by a flock of girls swooning over his good looks and charming personality. He could attract anyone with his sultry smile and alluring music, and everyone was sure he would go far in life. When Zane graduates and moves to Starlight Shores to carry out his plans of becoming a musician, he discovers that he's not the only one with dreams of making it big. More importantly, though, what happened in high school no longer matters.

Isn't he the perfect guy to be a lime? When I think of limes I think of ice-cold drinks, hanging out on the beach, strumming a guitar by a campfire, and long summer nights. Zane has that fun and cool sort of personality, so I think he fits the fruit well. Plus, he wants to be in the "limelight!" ;)

Zane will be up for download at the end of Generation 1. For now, enjoy more pictures of him!

Keep watch for the first chapter, which I'm working hard on at the moment. I'm a slow writer, though, so don't be expecting it up in the next hour or anything! Anyways... Zane. He will make beautiful babies, don't you think? ;)



  1. He looks awesome and cute ;) hehhee. Love his green hair

  2. Dayum! I like him :D Can't wait to his him shirtless or in action ;)

    1. Lucky you - there's a sexy shirtless pic of him in the first chapter. ;)

    2. Sweet ;) Can't wait!! Lucky gal that gets him!!


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