Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sexy Hot Fabio Cocoapuff (Ladies, Come and Get Him!)

Isn't he a beauty?

So I started a Prettacy. Not for storytelling purposes, just for my own little personal gaming. I might post updates from time to time (I think we're all curious to see what pops out of his future wife's belly), but no stories. Fruit Parfait is the main focus!

Anyways, I just had to give this guy the admiration he deserves. I mean, come on, he's a work of art! He just steals your breath away...

(More like makes you die of horror at the sight of him...)

That sexy unibrow just completes the look. I tried to give him a mustache, but it disappeared under his duck beak of a nose, so I settled with...whatever that thing on his chin is. I felt kinda bad so I gave him pretty contacts. If you're going to look horrible, at least make a fashion statement with sparkly eyes! xD

I almost put him in the bunny suit, but then I decided that the Father Christmas gown was much more enhancing of his figure. (Ha, just kidding, I think he looks worse in this outfit!)

Oh yeah, and I gave him girl shoes.

I'm not uploading him (because honestly, who would want to download him?), but I just had to do a photoshoot. I didn't give him a bio because I kinda just wanted to goof around and make a really ugly sim. Plus it's 3 am, so I didn't want to have to put thought into this guy.

Name: Fabio Cocoapuff (it's not dumb, it's "creative")
Age: YA
Traits: Flirty, Savvy Sculptor, Diva, Coward, Technophobe (I randomized them and thought this combination was pretty hilarious, plus I died laughing when he did the Diva idle)
Favorites: Hip-Hop, Cookies, Red
Sign: Libra
LTW: Perfect Garden

No television? Gardens? I guess we're living the redneck farm life. xD

Fabio should be a swimsuit model, don't you think? xD Ladies, come and get him! (Fabio would like to add: "The flowers are blue, and therefore they are manly." I know, now I'm just being cruel to this guy. xD ) By the way, he's not meant to be muscular. He's actually really skinny and unfit in-game, but the skin I'm using makes him look buff.

Yes, I am almost done with Chapter 1.1 of FP. I have all the pictures done, and now I just need to do the writing; it's kinda long, by the way, with 57 pictures plus the title photo. And this is just for the first day. O_O So I'm thinking my sims will have very short lifespans, because if I do a chapter per day then I'll have 20 just for Generation 1. lol.

I really should get some sleep... Nah, it feels like a good time for a Lost marathon!



  1. Mmmm Ugly man sim! Just what every gal wants! Am I not right? In the last pic just chop off his face and peeps would think he is another hot and smexy guy that I can go DAYUM too!

    Hehe! LOADS of pics there! I posted my second chapter, and ya know what? Im in the mood to start the 3rd one!! I write it first then I take the pics. Usually I do 2 days of pics. Chapter 1 was 39 pics and chapter 2 was 16 pics. LOL I went DOWN!!

    Id love to stay up tonight but I have DAM SCHOOL tomorrow! XD Grr! Oh and trust me High school is AWESOME! It would've been better this year but 1. One of my besties goes to a different high school
    2. My other bestie is still in primary school

    Hehe I'm in year 7 so im the smallest :( But not THE ACTUAL smallest as my friend is like TEENY WEENY!

    Ok long post over! And sarcastic DAYUM on Fabio ;)

    1. Haha, I should SO do that! And post it on the forums... "Would you hook up with this guy?" I'm totally kidding, but that would be so funny! xD Huhm, I take pics and then write. I tried writing first, but then I realized that I would spend more time coming up with a storyline and taking pictures than actually playing. I like to see where my sims take me, and Zane took me to some interesting situations... xD Wow, you guys still have school? That's crazy! Mine ended on May 25th! And do you guys not have middle school / junior high over there? High school starts in 9th grade for me... AKA "Year 9." Heheheh I'm older than you! >:D

    2. lol! I do write bits and sometimes change it.

      Yep we end urr 2 weeks or 3 weeks. But yet its winter here :/
      Nah we have Kinder 4 3 and 4 year olds. Primary School 4 prep (5 year olds or turning 6) to grade 6 (usually 12 year olds) The high school starting at year 7 (usually 13 year olds) to year 12 (usually 18 year olds.) So hep your older than me! Then you have college and yeah.

      Aussies rock!!

  2. He looks pink o__o I love him xD Whoo!


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