Monday, July 9, 2012

An Update on What the Puff's Been Up To

So I've had a few random photos of Fabio lying around in my Screenshots folder for quite some time (it's been nearing a month that these have been sitting unused), so I figured I might as well compile them into a short...compilation of random things.

For a Prettacy founder, Fabio's life has been particularly uneventful thus far, as I have not  been satisfied with any of the single ladies in Riverview and refuse to take the easy way out by breaking up a married couple or creating the perfect baby momma.

Fabio decided to buy an ice cream cone from the stalker ice cream truck, so as to satisfy it and send it away.

Later that day he stopped by the town hall to pick up an award the city half-heartedly awarded to him.

It's quite clear why they were hesitant to praise him for his ghost busting skills, as the guy pulls this face every time I send him to ghost bust. (I'm so glad I made him a coward!)

He learned how to aim the spirit catcher thingy-ma-bob.

I love watching the house owners freak out. XD That position does not look comfortable. (Plus spirit caught on-camera? Proof that ghosts exist.)

Cooking mac and cheese in his underwear and bunny slippers.

Oh yeah, and his house got an upgrade. Now he has a roof over his head! (And can shower away from the eyes of horrified mailwomen...)

High-end living, guys.

And the spirit collection of beloved (deceased) Harry Potter characters! From the bottom up, we have Dumbledore, Hedwig, Severus, Dobby, and Cedric. Oh, Cedric. I loved you so much before you became a sparkling vampire.

So yeah. I don't really know what this was, it was just something kind of random. My Sims activities have been declining lately, most likely due to the fact that the lagging is getting pretty dang annoying. It's not enough that I can't stand it when I'm playing, but it's often what turns me away from starting up my game. I still haven't rooted out the cause, and it seems the more content I delete and the lower I turn down my settings, the more it lags. It makes no sense. I'm seriously considering moving everything over to my dad's desktop, but my brother is on it playing Minecraft/Toontown 24/7 and I don't know how I'd get in time to play and write my stories. Arg, his butt is glued to the chair in there! I'll figure something out. I can survive for the time being.


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