Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So I Threw Veronica a Bachelorette Party...

...and I took pictures. Lots of them. Believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever thrown a bachelorette/bachelor party for any of my sims. As I said in my last Vero & Hikaru update, my sims don't get engaged/married very often. Luckily, Veronica and Hikaru have proved to be a very interesting couple and I'm definitely sticking with them. Plus I tested out their genetics in CAS, and their children were terribly adorable. Without further ado, here begins a short-story-type-thing recounting the events of the night.


The balloons were out, the confetti machine was running, and the red lights were on when Veronica's friends Madeline Meinke and Ashlynn Murphy (two townies she met around Dragon Falls) arrived. It was time to get the party started.

Along with Ashlynn came a fairly attractive, ridiculously buff dancer who was checking Veronica out.

Veronica didn't really mind getting checked out by a shirtless guy, though.

She had to admit, she was a fan of his moves. She got a little too enthusiastic.

When Ashlynn walked over, Veronica felt a sudden urge to...

...spray her with champagne! Or "nectar", as EA likes to call it.

Ashlynn wasn't too upset about getting sprayed in the face.

Veronica had a drink at the portable bar she rented for the night.

"Better slow down there, Vero," Madeline said.

She was perfectly fine, though. She only had two.

The dancer was starting to look like hookup material, though...

Snap out of it, Veronica, and keep drinking until you clear your head. (Ha, like that's going to help.)

Then the dancer started checking out Ashlynn, and Veronica got over him pretty quickly. She didn't like players.

But players appeared to like Ashlynn.

"Kiss him? Are you kidding me? No way!" Ashlynn whispered.

"Awww, come on, Ash! Do it for me!"

"I... Fine."


Veronica watched them like a creeper from a distance.

"Whaaaat? If I can't kiss him, I might as well stare at my friend doing it and live vicariously."

Vero ate some of her home-cooked sushi to try and sober up.

But then Madeline started drinking...

Veronica was slightly worried about her friend...

She didn't look drunk enough!

"Awww, no, there's a hole in my hat!"

Ashlynn started drinking as well - probably trying to forget about kissing the half-naked dancer.

"Hahaha... HEADBUTT!"

"Okay, Veronica..."

"Everybody, stop what you're doing! I have to make a toast...to my friend Veronica!"

"I wrote you a poem just now."


"And it goes like this... Vero, Vero, you're like Jack Sparrow. You're crazy and awesome and cool like a pharaoh. I know this is not the best poem in the world, and we all know your hair is not naturally curled, but on this day I want you to know - married or not, girl you go!"

"And now..."

"No, no, Madeline, this is my nice dress!"

"Ahaha wooo!"

"Heheheh. The world is spinning."

It only took a few more drinks before Ashlynn and Madeline were passed out on the floor.

Veronica, however, could still manage to drag herself over to the couch and think up a smooth pickup line. (The dancer was looking hot again.)

"Hey you... I like yer faceeeeee."

"This girl's weird."


The dancer left and Veronica passed out on the couch soon after. When she woke up, Madeline and Ashlynn were gone, the house was trashed, and she had a massive headache.

Luckily, her soon-to-be hubby was there to make everything better. <3


Best. Party. Ever. :D And that last pic just makes me smile every time I see it... Strategic placing of the couch, window, and sparkles machine made it turn out just right. <3

Coming soon is the next chapter of Fruit Parfait, as well as a photoshoot with my newly created (and highly realistic) simself and her future boyfriend (currently a "roommate"). I've been really busy lately with various shopping trips (and not the fun kind), a camping trip, and house renovations going on all week, so I haven't gotten much simming time in lately. Luckily, I have free time right now so I can work on getting Zane's world caught up to the right day! So long for now, and happy simming. :)



  1. Ahaha, awesome update on your favoritist simmie couple :D

  2. Hey I have just found your legacy and I think you have started very well. I hope you continue to write stories. I would love if you could check out my legacy at http://anotherwonderfulsims3storyblog.blogspot.com.au/

    Thanks you xx

  3. Wow! Sounds great to me! I am also getting married to the love of my life this year and my friends told me about their plan of having a bachelorette party for me. I am eagerly waiting for the day. I know there is going to be a lot of surprises. Also, they have booked one of my favorite LA venues.


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